AVJ ACE Platinum Zeta Sector 1Zeta 1, Greater Noida

AVJ ACE Platinum Zeta Sector 1Zeta 1, Greater Noida

AVJ Platinum is a new hot spot for all corporate as well Common People to bring their dream of owning a house into reality in Greater Noida. On the basis of highly Innovative amenities or facilities it changes the whole thought of each and every investor, this green project given you 2/3 & 4 BHK apartment with the sizes of 1050 sq ft to 1950 sq ft. standing tall on a broad expanse of about several acres of land with the benefit of Resale, which is best option for you to secure you Assets.

AVJ Platinum Project is located just near the green belts make it a perfect for residents looking for fresh air and peaceful environment. Group has launched the project with many outdoor activities that comes along with club membership such as swimming pool, Rain water Harvesting System, outdoor sports and community hall with the best crisis management company in India which will keep you safe under any circumstances such as earthquake, fire etc. AVJ Platinum Zeta Sector 1 Grater...
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