Avalon Royal ParkAlwar Bypass Road, Bhiwadi

Avalon Royal ParkAlwar Bypass Road, Bhiwadi

After structuring a master work Avalon Group launched its new born project named as Avalon Royal Park located at Bhiwadi. This residential project is coming in form of 2/3 & 4 BHK apartments with ranging region of 1250 sq ft to 2200 sq ft, sprawling land across 15 acres and all land extensive greeneries around every corner of project. This place is far from the irritating crowd of the metropolis having ease of convenience of the chief elements of the major city. It also placed feature through which property buyers recover his investment in the form of Resale facility.

Bhiwadi is the place where all the multinational company, University, Organization and many such hubs enhance the functionality of every project, apart from that in this project you saw the various others attribute which is designed or placed to helping your daily routine few are CCTV for common areas, Multilevel 24 x 7 Security or Water Supply, Ample parking space, Swimming Pool, Multipurpose Room, Kids...
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