Likeability and Relationship By John Phanchalad

Likeability and Relationship By John Phanchalad

The better she feels about you, the easier it is for her to say yes. This is a feelings transference that is not particularly logical. What people do is to equate the feelings for you as feelings for your offering - and her experience has told her it works out to be true most of the time – logic or not.


Feelings of fear become larger with higher prices and fees. The higher the price or fee for your offering, the more complex are the feelings that are involved, how many and how they related.

If fear of having services performed or delivered is also present, you have a double whammy to overcome. Fear is like a giant defective lens that warps your client’s views of the choices you offer.  You must get your client to “see straight” or you’ll get a big fat no, either quietly or by the client wanting to think about it or by a loud, crashing vocal, Hell to the No, given with authority.  You must quiet these fears to have any hope of making the sale.

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