How to Remove the Drop Shadow from a Graphic

How to Remove the Drop Shadow from a Graphic

In the first place why would there be a need to remove the drop shadow. Amongst a few reasons, it could be that the effect is not attractive in the image, or it may not have been done in a good manner. The result with the effect is not appealing and it needs to be replaced with a new effect. 

If there are ways to do an effect there are also ways to undo it. Learning both the processes are important for an editor. To start with he will need a high-resolution photo that no longer requires the drop shadow. If it is a GIF file then turn it into a Jpeg or any other high-resolution type. The lasso tool is used to select the shadow area. A little area around it will also be selected. If there are more drop shadow then they have to be selected separately and the process has to be repeated. The new selection is put in a new layer. The new layer will have only the shadow part. The step is to go to adjustments and check the brightness and contrast. If there is still any more...
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