Avalon Rangoli | 9211352745 | Avalon Rangoli Bhiwadi | Resale

Avalon Rangoli | 9211352745 | Avalon Rangoli Bhiwadi | Resale

Avalon Rangoli is a new residential project for all corporate to bring their dream of owning a house into reality in Bhiwadi, which is the next gateway of Rajasthan presented by the most known builder Avalon Group. In this project you get the floor in the form of 2 & 3 BHK with the best sizes of 1000 sq ft to 1300 sq ft, spread over the large acres of land covered with greeneries. Today real world Gurgaon is the most enhancing place with reference to growth and investment potential with the best offers to Resale facility by which every residential recover his investment in next coming days. Quality construction and architectural designs gives the world number one function from the others project.

This project is best for all types of people either for working person or retirement family holder or any business man it fulfill all requirement of every single person. Specification of this project is top class like Woody furnished floor, Wall plastered and painted with...
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