Fruit, Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket

Fruit, Cheese and Nuts Delight Fruit Basket

great gift for someone who has everything

E. Welty

Unique fruits and packaging make this a perfect gift for the people you don't know what to give - from bosses to grandparents! Definately a great price and extremely good quality product. Will buy again, added to my wish list so I can add to my cart any time.

Gift Recipient said it was great when she thanked me.


Of course I never saw the basket myself, but when the gift recipient called to thank me, she said it was great. She especially appreciated receiving something "healthy" and felt that was a loving thing to send her, since she's been trying very hard lately to eat healthier due to doctor's orders. Said she had never received a fruit basket before and was pleased to have one finally. Also, she said she had already thought of a permanent use for the basket after the fruit was gone, so the basket must have looked okay. I will probably order this again, makes a good gift from...
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