Doctor Lock Locksmiths

Doctor Lock Locksmiths

01924 637704 / 07733552127

Doctor Lock Locksmiths is a family run locksmith business covering all areas of Wakefield, offering a 24 hour emergency locksmith service to both residential and commercial customers. We are usually able to get to wherever in Wakefield you are within an hour. Being a family run business we do not need to pay for costly call centres so you save money and actually speak to the locksmith who will do the work for you. We do not charge a call out fee and we do not charge VAT, making us one of the cheapest locksmiths in Wakefield. Prices are always agreed before we start work so you will not get a shock at the bill. All of our work is fully guaranteed, we are fully insured and have been CRB checked so you can trust us to carry out any job to your complete satisfaction. Most jobs can be completed on the first visit as we carry a comprehensive range of parts on the van.

If you want to know about the standard of our work please read...
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