Avalon Plaza | 9211352745 | Avalon Plaza Bhiwadi | Resale

Avalon Plaza | 9211352745 | Avalon Plaza Bhiwadi | Resale

Avalon Plaza is the stylish project which is just one step back to you from launching developed by World number one architect Avalon Group located at Alwar Bypass Road. This is the latest form of commercial apartment with outstanding infrastructure, spread over the large acres of land it is completely designed to business point of view. This office space is 3 sides open project ensuring ventilating surrounding with ultra modern services as high street shopping innovation, 2 screen multiplex, ample car parking and many others.

Avalon Plaza Bhiwadi provides also great Return in coming days in the function of Resale. Locality of this project from other place is very shorter distance all the essential place like Special Zone of various private companies, Business hubs, University, 5 stars hotels or multiplex. Right now Bhiwadi is famous for its infrastructure or its nearing area, amenities of this project is top class by which you check your living style from others few are...
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