Jaypee Greens Aman 3Sports City, Yamuna Expressway

Jaypee Greens Aman 3Sports City, Yamuna Expressway

Elegant project is the base strength of Jaypee Group, this time it comes with opulent residential project near to your heart location named as Jaypee Aman 3 located at Yamuna Expressway. In this project builders put the all modern amenities with the low price which is very affordable to all Aam Aadmi. Floor comes up in the form of 1, 2 BHK & 3 BHK with the very exact size of 400 sq ft to 1185 sq ft, total area cover apx 50 acres of land. After the great success of Aman previous project this is another auspicious project like a hot cake for you.

The whole project is blessed with the pristine beauty of nature having calm and serene environment to dwell in. Totally blended into the envelope of the nature surroundings where you find charming view of hills along with the bamboo gardens in your backyard landscape. So over all its give you a calm picture view like a hill station, architecture of this project designed like a multiplex where you find the 3D effect in each and...
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