Welcome to Wizard Fancy Dress

Welcome to Wizard Fancy Dress

Dressing up for parties, work events, school book week or school history days or even just for a night out can be great fun and get you into the party spirit which is why we at Wizard Fancy Dress love to offer a huge and very varied collection of fancy dress outfits and amazing accessories for whatever the theme may be. 

Bring a smile and a laugh to any event dressed as a super hero or a wild west cowboy or even use a funny fancy dress outfit to attract extra attention and raise money for a charity.  Whatever you are looking for,  check out our website and let us help you .  We have a wide range stocked in our shop based in Newport Pagnell but the majority is sent direct by our suppliers so that there is no delay in posting you,  your order and we are committed to giving you an outstanding customer service. 

We also hire quality costumes from Star Wars to Medieval and specialise in military uniforms for WWII events, give us a call if you are looking for something...
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