My journey to harmony and inner peace

My journey to harmony and inner peace

People change. Some things fall apart. Bad things happen. But life goes on...

Still, life doesn't go on by itself,  we need to move forward, no matter what. What we need to provide for ourselves is time to understand. To understand who we are and who we are not. To meet our inner angels and to face our inner demons, our strengths and weaknesses, dreams and fears.

Give yourself time (and find your own way how) to figure out these 5 important things (you can thank me later):

- what you want

- what you need

- what you are running away from

- what you are hiding from yourself

- where you are going with your life

Don't let anyone else to decide these 5 things for you. You have to do it yourself.

Don't keep the count of how many times you have fallen down. Rather count how many times you have managed to stand up, to move on.

Emotions are like fuel, so take a good look at your fuel: are you...
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