How to make an interesting pot

How to make an interesting pot


How to make a unique pot with the help of an old plastic bottle?

Depending on the size you want to be your pot, you have to choose a 0, 5 l, 1 l, 2 l, or 3 l bottle. First, outline with a permanent marker the shape you want for the periphery of the pot and then carefully cut out with the help of a model-knife on the contours. If you’ve got an engraving and cutting instrument, type ”Dremel”, you should use it to give more easily the desired shape. After you’ve cut the bottle, you have to smooth the edges with very fine sandpaper and to scratch lightly the surface of the bottle. You should clean from the dust and skim well the plastic to join better the paint. The same concerns the CD, you’re going to use as a base. Stick the cap to the CD with a suitable glue/ it could be an instant one/ and wait to dry well. Then you can use your imagination and color the way you want your creation. It’s advisable to use acrylic paints and to coat them twice to get a thick holding....
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