Paul Lorenzo Store

Paul Lorenzo Store

Based in beautiful London, U.K., Paul Lorenzo LTD. was incorporated just over a year ago with the goal of providing London based restaurants, businesses and hotels with the finest quality truffles and truffle derived products. Although our truffles, imported from around Italy and delivered fresh the day after ordering, are our bread and butter (no pun intended), we also take great pride in delivering high quality wines, Bresaola’s and other various charcuteries. At Paul Lorenzo, we have been grateful for already experiencing a growing customer base locally and all over Europe, and we have recently ventured onto the online world to serve more clients with fantastic products and services


Thus far, Paul Lorenzo’s journey has been nothing short of successful, especially given the short amount of time in business. The whole idea of the company started in a funny way; the mother of a friend of one of the Co-Founders sent him a kilo of truffles to enjoy in London. Upon...
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