7 Heart Attack symptoms all women should know

7 Heart Attack symptoms all women should know

All organs in our body need oxygen to survive. Blood plays a vital role in supplying oxygen to all parts of our body. As this is a continuous process, any break in it leads to life threatening situations. Heart Attack is one such occurrence where the heart does not get enough blood to function properly.  

Heart attack is one of the leading causes of deaths globally. In the United States, the CDC figures show the following

1 in 4 women who died had a heart disease. Women and Men are equally prone to heart problems in spite of a general understanding about it being a man’s disease. Nearly 64% of women who died of a coronary heart problem have shown no previous symptoms.

Usually a heart attack is visualized by a person holding his left arm, sweating. Surprisingly some women do not show any visible symptoms. If a woman suffering from a heart disease knows the symptoms, it could help in early detection. As some women are always on the move be it in the office or at...
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