Binary options secrets revealed

Binary options secrets revealed

Binary Options Secrets Revealed

The story begins about 4 years ago , I was just a plain Forex trader trying to get an extra income for myself , trading a variety of brokers just to get the best spreads in the market, chasing the EUR/USD and the Gold , jumping from website to website , trading with 2 screens and 5 tabs open in each one , living on caffeine and snacks , knowing that if move from my trading station even for a second I can loose the entry for something big. and it went on and on and on , days become nights ,nights became days and eventually months has passed and I was on the same page, the more I earned the more I spent , the more good trades I made the more bad trades came along with it , to find refuge I even start trading exotic assets , knowing nothing about it I invested thousands of Dollars in currencies that I am not even sure they exists , I got hooked on Forex and I needed a way out.

My first encounter with binary options (some where in 2010)...
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