3c GreenopolisSector-89, Gurgaon

3c GreenopolisSector-89, Gurgaon

3C Group planned Environmental Friendly Township which is designed in such a way that you can get all he facilities right from the comfort of your home name as 3C Greenopolis.  Builder gives you best floor  2 / 3 & 4 BHK with the sizes of 1297 sq ft to 2750 sq ft, project covers the overall space around 48 acres with ¾ area covers with greeneries. Inhabitants over here find the true ecstasy of residing very close to the nature. All top class modern amenities you find here which is properly arranged in almost all the corners, builder also open door for using Resale facility by which you recover your investment in any time.

Most important thing is project is situated in very convenient place form where you can get close proximity to the major part of the city, Rajasthan and Delhi. It is the next door to Rajasthan and very close to other city, in additional this project is the astounding bunch of the ultra modern amenities which will surely make your life easy and...
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