Guide to Doing Business in Belize

Guide to Doing Business in Belize

Guide to Doing Business in Belize


A. What languages are spoken?

Belizeans speak a variety of languages. The official (business) language is English. However, Spanish is also widely spoken. Creole is the cultural language of the country and is spoken nationwide. There are also a number of indigenous languages such as the Garifuna and three variations of the Mayan language.

B. What is the exchange rate of the Belize dollar versus the U.S. dollar? 1 U.S. dollar – 2.00 BZ dollars

C. Describe Belize geography, proximity to other countries and climate.

Belize is located on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America, bounded on the North by Mexico and on the West and South by Guatemala. The land area is about 22,923 kilometers square. It is a mere 2-hours flight from Miami, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Belize enjoys a sub-tropical climate, i.e. experiences rainy and dry seasons.

D. Are there cultural...
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