Old Indian Songs mp3, Big Boss Season 7

Old Indian Songs mp3, Big Boss Season 7

Bollywood has a number of music artists who are not alive but their music is still amusing the public today. Their immortal songs are the best songs of present era indeed. R D Burman is one of the legendary old singers who has brought the western trend of music in India and make a good blend of western music with Indian classical music. He succeeded to create an unbeatable music that was loved by the listeners too. “Old is gold” is right to say for R D Burman songs.

Early life: The amazing music composer was born on 27th June 1989. His father Sachin Dev Burman was illustrious composer who was his inspiration. R D Burman was also known by his nickname i.e. Pancham da. His language was Bengali as his parents’ native language was also Bengali. He was fond of music as his father was also a music composer of Mumbai based Hindi films- R D Burman composed his first song at the age of nine. The song was “Aye Meri Topi Palat kay aa” that was used in the film named “Funtoosh”....
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