Interface Customization Solutions

Interface Customization Solutions

Cloud storefront gateway is that the new internet portal from Citrix Services that has a lot of prospects next to simply publication apps and desktops. Citrix Cloud storefront gateway is an enterprise quality management answer that controls and delivers Windows, web, mobile apps, and data information to any device anywhere. Cloud storefront gateway provides end-users with a unified single purpose of access and self-service to any or all of their business apps on any device anyplace. It additionally provides IT with a comprehensive single purpose of aggregation and management for all mobile apps, data information, devices and identity character.

If we wish to match the Citrix Web Interface to at least one of this part, which will be Receiver storefront. Web Interface replaced by Citrix Cloud gateway and that i created many presentation concerning Cloud storefront gateway supported the table he build. i attempted to take care of this table up up to now with the new releases...
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