Customizations of Microsoft Outlook web access

Customizations of Microsoft Outlook web access

Microsoft Outlook web Access is an integrated element of customise Microsoft Outlook web App

2013. By exploitation only a replacement look into browser and a web or computer network connection, Outlook web Access allows you to browse your company e-mail messages, schedules, and alternative data that\'s hold on on a server running Exchange.

Among the things you'll be able to modification are:

New look for the login page

customization of logoff

Background color

Border colours

\"Outlook web Access\" logo


Just about each different screen component you see in OWA

The design guide explains wherever to seek out everything on your OWA server so as to be ready to modify it. This tip space is just too short to be ready to provide specific theme update data, however use the links above concerning more regarding one thing that simply would possibly take a number of the dullness out of your day.

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