Order food delivery with Room Service Malaysia

Order food delivery with Room Service Malaysia

Get the best food delivery in Kuala Lumpur

You are just few clicks away from ordering your lunch or dinner food delivery, for your company or your family, Room Service brings you the best food delivery in Malaysia. All the restaurants in your area are just one click away, and our delivery service will make sure everything you order arrives on time and ready to eat. No need to get ready, take the car and drive in the traffic in order to get to a restaurant, Room Service makes sure you get the most delicious food in town just on time.

Chinese, Korean or Japanese food, choose your favorite from Room Service 

Looking for good restaurants in KL, but don’t want to suffer the traffic? Room Service provides the best quality food delivery in Malaysia. You can get the best food from Chili's, La Risata or Souled Out, among others, so you can get your favorite pizza, thai food or Indian delivered to your doorstep. Don’t wish anymore for Canadian Pizza or Papa John's...
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