Do you know how to make a designer t-shirt with love?

Do you know how to make a designer t-shirt with love?

Designing and sewing clothes is amazing art. It gives you the freedom to create wearable pieces of art and spread your idea of fashion around. I recently found something more besides this. A way to add more value for the clothes I create by drawing pictures on them. I have already made a couple of t-shirts. And I’m going to show you the last one. 

The Smurf Designer T-shirt

I made it for a friend of mine. She is a HUGE smurf fan and last month was her birthday. This t-shirt was my present. I really wanted to surprize my friend and make her happy so I decided to design and sew a Nojici t-shirt and then to draw a smurf on the front side. I was drawing and sewing and then drawing again till I was ready. I was thinking about her being so happy all the time and I think this was my way to make a nice designer t-shirt with love. 

Friends are so important and I’m really blesed to have some of them in my life!

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