The release of Samsung Galaxy S5

The release of Samsung Galaxy S5

Finally Samsung has released it’s most awaited product i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5. After the success of Galaxy S4, Samsung has launched its new product Galaxy S5.

This new launch by Samsung for Samsung Galaxy S5 took place at MWC 2014, with the fifth unpacked conference of Samsung stuffed with the journalists eagerly waiting for what this new Galaxy S5 has to offer.

There is no doubt in the fact that Samsung has always been on the top position for introducing Android and is constantly challenging Apple’s iOS. This Galaxy S5 has been launched with the GS5 monicker but the question arises that if it is the best phone on the earth? Read out and find out what all this new Samsung Galaxy S5 has to offer.

All the big companies for smart phone manufacturers, they are relatively well-established for producing annual cycles now and this means that they can predict very well when they are going to launch their headlining products.

The Design: Samsung Galaxy S5...
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