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1st Leasing - Car Leasing Blog - Latest News and Information

Car leasing Sevenoaks

Welcome to 1st Leasing one of the UK’s top Leasing Companies, who supply vehicles to business and personal customers in Sevenoaks. We have many years experience in finance and the motor trade and have some of the most competitive deals available in the current market place. If you are a small or large business or a private individual our staff has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the buying process and find a suitable vehicle to meet your budget.

Please browse through the website and view some of our offers, these are just a small proportion of the deals we have. If you can’t see what you are looking for or you need a keener price please call us and we will do our best to help you. All the cars and vans we offer are brand new and delivered to Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas free of charge, direct from one of our supplying main dealers. We have access to all the main manufacturers’ finance companies plus several major...
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