Eyeliners As A The Most Essential Part Of Makeup

Eyeliners As A The Most Essential Part Of Makeup

Eye makeups have intrigued us over the ages. A lot of fashion changes have occurred and a lot of changes have been undergone as far as eye makeup is concerned.

Mascara’s previously came with a cake and a brush that resembled a toothbrush. There was a time when very fat eye brow pencils that looked like china marking pencils were available in the market. Sometimes in order to darken the eyebrows the mascara cakes were used. Eye shadows came in a tube. All of these eye makeups underwent changes in the times to come. The waterproof mascara was so hard to rinse off almost your entire eye region would be damaged in the process. Cosmetic pencils underwent a process of transformation in terms of quality in the following years. Wholesale quality pencils are available in the market and have a texture that is healthy for the skin. Previously the quality of the eye makeups was so poor that the process of putting the makeup on and taking it off could be equated to winning a war. The...
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