Important News Items About PHP That You Should Know

Important News Items About PHP That You Should Know

All the PHP professionals and experts get ready for 2014 edition of PHP Conference Argentina that is going to be held on November 7, 8 and 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As we all know that PHP Conference Argentina is one of the biggest developer conferences in Argentina.

Moreover, it is the most important event in the region, where all the programmers and decision makers from across Latin America get together for approximately 3-days event that filled with important talks given by most popular speakers and networking opportunities.

Conference Numbers –

It is expected that more than 700 attendees will attend the conference. A three day even distanced across two days of conference talks and a full day at a farm in order to enhance networking opportunities. Organized social activities for both conference days. Complete individuality of a highly documented place in Buenos Aires, giving all the professionals amazing opportunities for plenty of...
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