Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India

Removing strands of hair is still a pain for any photo editor. However, the process has got simpler.  It is as simple as switching the background and achieving the results.

Most editors depend on Photoshop to help them to cut out the hair images from background. With the use of levels, changing of color tones and blending the results are achieved. The steps are fairly simple. Like everyone else, it is best to use the non-destructive method that can leave the original picture intact.

Make the facsimile layer in the RGB mode. The duplicate background layer is now ready for the edit. Drag the picture where the hair needs to be trimmed or snipped.The layer on top is inverted. When done correctly, it is bluish or rather ghostly in shade. From the toolbox use image, adjustment, invert in the following order. It is done to find out the discrepancy between the hair and its background. This is important, as both will be severed from each other. This method helps in the least...
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