Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Creative writing doesn't seem like a skill any press release writer needs to have. After all, all they have to do is present the facts in a grammatically correct manner, using the active voice. It’s not like they have to tell stories and make up fables, but even these types of writers need a measure of creativity in order to be truly great. The lack of this talent is part of the reason there isn't more response to some of the pieces distributed. Read on to learn how being creative can help.

The Job of a Press Release Writer

It seems all too straight forward. All a press release writer has to do is write up the information provide to them by their client, whether it be the opening of a new business, the addition of a new service, or any other news to be published. Yet, those who want a good PR piece have to pay a pretty penny for it. The work doesn't often come cheap, although it’s possible to get the services at a lower price.

They have to include the details...
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