Anamika 'First Reel' Generates Curiosity ~ 123 film

Anamika 'First Reel' Generates Curiosity ~ 123 film

Taking a cue from eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma United Nations agency free the primary fifteen minutes of his flick 'The Attacks of 26/11' in media a lot of before the particular flick unharness, director Sekhar Kammula tried an equivalent with 'Anamika' and won some initial day audiences.

Sekhar's latest flick 'Anamika', remake of Hindi hit 'Kahani', is unharness in screens nowadays. At a time once he's being beat for lack of packaging for the flick, Sekhar determined to play 'First Reel' (12 minutes approx) of the flick straight on a Telugu news channel. line this as AN distinctive feet, several cine lovers have affixed to their TV sets to look at the primary reel of Anamika. and also the outcome appears to be positive with this show because it generated various curiosity.

Watching the flick for ten minutes, audiences feel that they're obtaining carried into the story with doubts reeling in mind concerning bomb blasts in Hyderabad and the way Nayantara's husband went...
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