Star Hero Gets Divorce Date ~ 123 film

Star Hero Gets Divorce Date ~ 123 film

After asserting it in public in Gregorian calendar month last year, star hero Hrithik Roshan declared that his mate Susanne Roshan determined to place punctuation to their seventeen year recent relationship. the full of Bollywood was dismayed with the revelation, and a few hardcore fans area unit awaiting the couple's reunion too.

Disappointing everybody, Hrithik and Susanne filed a divorce petition the opposite day with mutual consent. while not creating any allegations on one another, the couple told court that they require to strain of can and wanted the court to issue one. Hearing of the case are going to be happening on Oct thirty first, and court would possibly pronounce its judgement on constant day, say Bollywood media reports. in all probability which will be the official date Hrithik gets break free his fond mate forever.

After chemical analysis for nearly 3-4 years, Hrithik and Susanne married on Gregorian calendar month twenty, 2000 to begin their sweet life....
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