vpi: Trying to turn the ICEBERG upside down..

vpi: Trying to turn the ICEBERG upside down..

Biscuit Monster

She was thinking about him. The serial. He was awful, disgusting, nasty. He was a jerk. Did she love him? Maybe the same question was the desired answer. She wanted to know what he was thinking. But she knew she had lost him. The serial. How to allure him, how to keep him? Did she love him? Maybe she was in love with this other guy, his friend. She was not sure. It did not matter any more. Hum, this biscuit was cool.

She was seeing what her eyes wanted to see and she was hearing what she wanted to hear. Most of the time it was unpleasant. Long time ago she had lost her objectivity. Long time ago something has made her sightless. She was very tense. In her head she was feeling tension. Maybe because of that that she had made a lot of forbidden things. Did her consciousness torment her? Maybe she was trying all the time to lie herself she was good. Maybe that was the root of her tension. It was hard and often she was lying herself to find a little...
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