Personal Loan

Personal Loan

When it comes to taking out a small loan to cover some urgent needs such as paying for medical bills, replacing your broken TV or fixing your car – a Singapore personal loan might be a good option.

Generally, personal loans are small loans where the lending company doesn’t require you to provide a collateral or a co-signer to get the money, this is an unsecured loan. As you don’t have to use your car or real estate to back up the loan, you need to have a good credit rating and regular income to be considered for a loan.

Loan providers still give out loans to those with not so perfect credit scores, however you have to consider that the interest rates will be higher. In fact, the interest rates for personal loans, just like any other kind of loans that don’t need a collateral, are somewhat higher anyway. This is how the lenders protect themselves against losses due to non-paying customers.

Usually it’s a good idea to opt for a personal loan Singapore when you...
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