Fancy Dress Costumes

Fancy Dress Costumes

Fancy Dress Costumes

Fast Fancy Dress Party have a massive range of fun fancy dress costumes for all ages and sizes. We have our own exclusive line of Brik Suits. You may also like just to wear a Brik head! We can deliver next day or you may pick up from our London warehouse - pls call us first!

Exclusive to us - Brik Suits

Yes it's us that sells them and only us - buy the much talked about Brik Suit here - choose from the 80s Let's Dance man, Elvis, Gangster or pirate brik suit or for the ladies the Wonderous Woman. Each month new Brik suits will be introduced so dont worry if we haven't got your favourite character yet we soon will! If you want something slightly subtler then try a Brik Head!

Christmas Themes

Christmas brings out the best in us one hopes and it's always time to put on some fancy dress - so don't get bored watching the Queens Speech why not dress up as a Snowman, Jesus  , a Christmas Tree perhaps or  one of Santa's helpers -  Here at Fast...
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