Can One Late Payment Ruin Your Good Credit Score?

Can One Late Payment Ruin Your Good Credit Score?

One of the unofficial rites of passage into adulthood is being able to qualify to receive a first credit card and learning how to properly manage credit. A significant component of strong financial health is understanding the important role of maintaining a good credit score.

Having a negative credit history can impact a consumer’s ability to buy a home, rent an apartment, obtain an automobile or personal loan, or even qualify for certain jobs. Like any other subject, we must obtain a thorough understanding of the concept of credit and the way credit scoring systems function in order to learn how to successfully manage credit and build a high credit score.

There are several different factors that are weighed when calculating credit rating; therefore, consumers must be educated on the role that different factors play and how best to leverage them in achieving an optimal score. For this reason we prepared an in-depth guide about the importance of having a good credit...
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