The Anime is dominating the world animation

The Anime is dominating the world animation

Anime is inspired by the local Japanese novels, stories, comics, customs and tradition which are highly appreciated by the world audience. Till recently the story line had a calmness and serenity which is the characteristic feature of the oriental civilization and greatly admired by the emotionally disturbed west who find some solace in it. But now action, speed and such other western things have been incorporated which are not in conformity with the Anime features.


Till now only few thousands Subbed Anime are available in USA from which few hundreds have been dubbed in English. A few dubbed versions are appreciated by the audiences. But as a general rule the Subbed Anime only are extremely popular among the fans.


The Anime is liked by the children as well as the adults. It is based on stories on topics like science, horror, fiction, sports and romance. Very few films with social themes and values are also there which depict human...
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