8 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

8 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

One of the most favorable things you can give to your wedding guests is to send them home with a special gift. The special gift should be representing your thanks and appreciation to them. In this article, I would like to highlight 10 creative wedding favor ideas that you can consider for your wedding souvenirs.

Now for some creative wedding favor ideas, check these out!

Bag, Name, Luggage Tags

The favor is perfect for the weddings’ destination. Certain destination weddings place require guests to find the location. They are possible to be used again. Many people simply put the luggage tags as the accessories of their luggage. You could choose many different shapes of luggage tags. They can be fancy, cute, elegant, or even sexy! You just need to prefer some that fit with your desire. For instance, with cute heart shape designs, wedding cakes designs, luggage tags are just so perfect favor!

Cocktail Mix Stuff

One of the greatest ideas to give...
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