Echoing thoughts of a student across shores

Echoing thoughts of a student across shores

Four years ago, when Rishab went to the United States of America (USA) to pursue his dream of studying abroad, for most of his friends and kin, he was on an academic stint.

A foreign university degree is always considered to be a feather in the cap and with that ideology, his proud parents saw him off at Bangalore airport in 2009.

Last year when, Rishab came back after a successful degree from the esteemed Michigan University most saw him from an onlooker’s perspective. A much more ‘polished’ Rishab was back home with a precious degree, oodles of experience and a high-paying job! His dream was fulfilled.

But the thing that many failed to see was the new outlook of life Rishab carried back home. In his pursuit of making a better life and achieving a dream career, Rishab had lived a life in the foreign land. A life of an outsider, a life of a guest! A life where he was embraced on some occasions and taken aback on many.

Like Rishab, many who go abroad to...
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