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Anand Mishra Nationality Indian Occupation Entrepreneurship Known for Star Infranet, Tathastu Information Technology

Anand Mishra is the founder and CEO of Star Infranet and vertical Tathastu Information Technology.[1] He is also the founder of Bookmedomain.[2] A professional turned entrepreneur, he has previously held senior management positions with leading multinational companies in India.[3]


Anand Mishra holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Science and MBA and is presently pursuing CFA from the CFA Institute of America.[4]

Anand Mishra's previous assignments include consultancies in the top travel company of India, Biggest B2B network of Manufacturing and consultancies with Top Multinationals.[5][6]

He has worked on the launches of news portals for the leading news channels NewsX, India News, The Sunday Guardian under his company Star Infranet, a trademark of the Tathastu Information Technology.[7]

Recently, he has...
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