Nashville Fence And Deck Contractors | Stratton Exteriors

Nashville Fence And Deck Contractors | Stratton Exteriors

Nashville Fence and Deck Contractors

Stratton Exteriors would like the opportunity to assist with your deck, arbor or fence selection process. The addition of a new deck will significantly enhance your home’s overall beauty and value. We are dedicated to giving you the most complete online resource for materials selection and construction methods to make “Intelligent Informed Decisions.”

Surround your home with beauty

Materials Choosing the right materials to suit your tastes and your home’s surroundings is one of the most important parts of the design process. Please don’t feel limited to the selections listed here; many people have requested other types of wood or surface materials. We want you to be happy with the choices you make.

Pressure Treated Wood Pressure-treated wood is truly a “wood for all seasons”… a rugged exterior building product that’s rot and insect resistant. It is a process that forces a chemical preservative deep into the wood. If Noah’s...
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