Want an @MySpace.com Email Address? Now You Can Have One

Want an @MySpace.com Email Address? Now You Can Have One

Earlier this week, it was reported that MySpace was soon to launch its own email system - MySpace Mail - that would allow users to create their own @myspace.com email address and use the social network as a webmail provider.

That point is now, as MySpace has just started rolling out the beta for their MySpace Mail program. It will come in waves, with all users having access within the next few weeks. Here's the big question, though: who's going to switch to MySpace Mail?

Social Email Features

MySpace is hoping that the combination of a MySpace domain and its social networking features will lure some of its millions of users to take the plunge and create a MySpace Mail account. We've been given the core feature list, which MySpace describes as follows:

1. New Mail center provides a snapshot of all your mail activities including messages, sent messages, requests, and notifications 2. Send and receive messages from inside or outside the MySpace...
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