Importance of learning the Quran in our life

Importance of learning the Quran in our life

Articles Importance of learning the Quran in our life by Learning Quran Online Quran Tutoring, Best Online Quran Teacher

Being a Muslim, we all are directed to follow the teaching of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and it teaches us to live with peace, brotherhood and unity. It teaches us to take care of every other Muslim brother. In this way, we can make the society better by following the teachings of Islam. The best Islamic literature for the Muslims is the Holy book Quran. If all of us can follow the teachings of the Quran then the whole world can become peaceful.

The holy book of Quran was revealed from Allah to the last messenger Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Jibril. It was revealed gradually in 23 years. The Quran was revealed at Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at the age of 40 years and it was completed in the year of his death when the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was 62 years old. For the Muslims, the Quran is the most...
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