ILIA Beauty | ILIA Makeup - Panache Cosmetics

ILIA Beauty | ILIA Makeup - Panache Cosmetics

ILIA Beauty was created by Sasha Plavsic a branding & marketing professional for fashion labels in London, New York and Southern California.

Sasha returned to Vancouver where her passion for organic living and holistic health left her realising that organic make up was in need of “re-branding”: contemporary colours, better packaging & performance. With this in mind, she became committed to producing safe beauty products that women can love for their look, & trust for their quality.

Combining colour performance & nourishing organics, ILIA Beauty is a unique all-in-one lip balm, gloss & lipstick. The versatile lip conditioners are easily worn for a subtle tint or layered for intensity, with shades ranging from nude to shocking coral. Made with 85% certified organic, bioactive botanicals including jojoba oil, cocoa butter & Vit E. Pomegranate delivers natural antioxidants for protection against free radicals.

Free from synthetic...
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