Legal English

Legal English

Who is the Legal English for?

For advocates, solicitors, barristers and law students working primarily in corporate law. Participants should be B1+ level.

Aims & Assessment

Get ahead with our Legal English courses. Lively, interactive and intuitive, our British and Irish teachers bring legal English to life through ‘natural’ communication. Our extensive experience means our courses are challenging and interactive. You will be more confident to present your work, use correct terms and expressions to ensure understanding. We’ll help you describe and discuss legal documents with lawyers and non-lawyers. Courses prepare you well for ILEC and TOLES exams.


Our highly qualified native speaker trainers have extensive experience teaching Legal English. They hold Bachelor degrees, MBAs, CELTAs and DELTAs have a wealth of experience in the private sector and many currently lecture on Bachelor and Master programmes at Universities in Sofia. Teachers are...
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