Sex on the first date (part1)

Sex on the first date (part1)

Sex on the first date (part1)

So, what do manuals say about the first date? What merits should a guy have in order not to screw up on the first date? Most popular advices are the following:

Self-confidence A sense of humor Masculinity Good manners Responsibility Eccentricity Cared- for look and punctuality "Demand" by women To be liked by her friends Be an interesting partner in conversation

In part, the majority of manuals provides general information and does not give specific advice. And besides, every man has its own idea about confidence, courage and originality and in fact can get a completely opposite effect.

So what to do and how to behave to have sex on the first date, and what are really needed for that?

Let's talk about things you should have with you:

You must have enough money to pay for minimum 2 drinks, desserts; transport and some money for unexpected expenses are also required. Condoms (this is necessary) Any ED pills like...
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