Eurorights | Association for European Integration and Human Rights

Eurorights | Association for European Integration and Human Rights

Priorities The Association’s strategic goals. Human rights activities. Interaction with civil society structures.

History Establishment in Plovdiv. Human rights and educational projects implemented with the financial support of the Open Society Foundation – Sofia; partner organizations: Interights – London, Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, The Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights Foundation – Sofia, the Supreme Barristers’ Council, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Professional CVs of some of the Association’s leading legal experts.


Projects Civil control over the acts and actions of the administration. Conduct of cases in the public interest.

Legal precedents provoked by the Association Judgments and admissibility decisions on Bulgarian applications ruled by the European Court of Human Rights.

Contribution to Legal Doctrine Papers outlining some areas of conflict between domestic law and the European Convention for the Protection of...
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