Has Google made us lose our minds?

Has Google made us lose our minds?

Our brains are succumbing to the "Google Effect," says Columbia University psychologist Betsy Sparrow and two colleagues in the journal Science. Google, and more generally, the almost unlimited amount of web-based knowledge immediately available at our fingertips, is literally changing our minds, and especially how we remember — or, more accurately, don't remember — facts, figures, and other bits of info. How? Here, a quick guide to the groundbreaking new study:

What's the researchers' argument?With easy access to almost any piece of information online, people are adapting to remember fewer things. One thing we don't forget: Where to find information we no longer recall.

How did they come to this conclusion?They conducted four experiments with Harvard and Columbia undergraduates. In one, the researchers had a group of students type bits of trivia into a computer, telling half of them that the information would be erased and the other half that it would be saved. The...
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