Stamped Concrete Driveways

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Wizcrete Outrageous Triple Guarantee

GUARANTEE # 1 - Your “WizCrete Concrete Solutions Resurfacing” will be completed to your selected colour and design choices within the time limits we’ve agreed upon (except in the case of bad weather) or we will re-surface it until you’re happy with the results.

GUARANTEE # 2 - In the unlikely event that “WizCrete Concrete Solutions” can’t deliver on what we promised to your complete and utter satisfaction, we'll personally pay for another concrete re-surfacer of YOUR choice to finish the job to your liking.

GUARANTEE # 3 - Your concrete surface is backed by a 5 year works warranty. It means that in the unlikely event that the concrete re-surfacing shows signs of wear and tear during that period of time, we will take whatever action is required to fix it at our own expense. (Guarantee does not apply if cracking appears as a result of cracking of the...
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