[OM] UFC 162 Live Stream HD Video UFC 162 Stream

[OM] UFC 162 Live Stream HD Video UFC 162 Stream

@!~UFC 162 Live Streaming | UFC 162 Live Stream


Date: July 6, 2013


Time: 10pm ET/7pm PT


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


A UFC event headlined by Anderson Silva is always a reason for celebration.  After all, it's not every day that fans get to witness one of the best fighters in the history of the sport


defend his title.


We also don't always get to see Silva face a fighter who has more than an outside chance to defeat him, but that is what we have in Chris Weidman.


Joining Silva and Weidman on the UFC 162 fight card will be 20 other fighters.


Some of these fighters are under no pressure, but others are facing different degrees of heat.  What follows is a list of fighters who are on the hot seat heading into UFC 162 on




The UFC will...
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