How Victoza Can Help You Lose Weight.

How Victoza Can Help You Lose Weight.

Victoza, clinically known as liraglutide, is taken by injection. It is designed to improve the blood sugar of Type-II diabetics, but it has also helped some people lose weight. For many people, Victoza has changed their life.

How much weight can you lose with Victoza?

Victoza weight loss varies. states that the average weight loss in clinical efficiency trials of Victoza using 1.2mg and 1.8mg was approximately 5 pounds over a 26 week period.

A recent study by Novo, the maker of Victoza, showed that patients using a 3-mg dose of Victoza lost 6% of their body weight, compared with 2% of placebo patients.

However, online forums have many discussions where people have lost large amounts of weight while using Victoza.

What you should know about Victoza Weight Loss. Victoza was not intended for weight loss. Victoza does result in weight loss in some people. Victoza may have side effects. Victoza caused thyroid cancer in lab animals. Victoza...
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