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This kit ONLY works with the AR DRONE 2.0.   THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE ORIGINAL AR DRONE Features:

·          USB recording, is now automatic        

·         Gives you control of the "flip" option from the remote

·         Fail safe, keeps the drone from flying off. ·         Custom interface with 2.4Ghz Radio / Receiver ·         Precision Control of your drone ·         Step by Step Guide ·         Easily removable so you can swap between regular WiFi and RC ·         6 channel 2.4Ghz  RC Controller (pre-programmed) ·         Tested with All the latest Firmware ·         True "Plug and Play", disconnect mod from drone and return to factory control ·         This kit comes with the radio and custom reciever, all you need is your AR Drone and 8 AA batteries

 You go from an out of the box range of 150 feet (WiFi), minimum of 800+ feet with this radio.  The distance of radio control range can be up to 1 mile, depending on your area.  But the...
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